wall base paper

Wall Base Paper For PVC Coating Wallcovering

China Wall Base Paper Manufacturer, the paper mainly use for classic wallpaper gravure printing machine, it is also base material for PVC wallcovering. One type for direct printing, another for coating PVC, embossing, printing. The paper is Low retractility, high thickness.

Vinyl(PVC) Coated Wallpaper Base Paper

Vinyl(PVC) coated wallpaper base paper is a kind of raw material for wall decoration paper, this type wallpaper base is quantitative in 80 g / m2 or 90 g / m2, it’s up to 500gsm after coated vinyl. It requires a higher degree of tightness and white, and a certain degree of folding cracking, water resistance and wet strength.

PVC wallpaper base
Wallpaper Base

Non Woven Wallpaper Base Paper

Non woven wallpaper base paper is the raw materials for making non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper is a new type of wallcovering. It is a kind of interior decoration material which has a wide range of application. It has rich colors, strong muscle texture, pattern gorgeous, easy green,construction, affordable, elegant decorative features, is a variety of other interior decoration materials can not match.