tipping base paper

Tipping Base Paper For Cigarette

Designed for making cigarette tipping paper by the printingprocess, cigarette tipping paper is the packaging material forpacking cigarette filter rod. A higher tensile strength, a certain degree of opacity, highsmoothness and anti-infiltration ink print-ability. significantlybelow industry standards, are environmentally friendlyproducts.Quantitative was 30-39 g / m2

Plug Wrap Paper For Cigarette Industry

KAN Plug wrap paper is used for wrapping the inner cellulose of cigarette filter, which comprises 24-40gsm plug wrap paper, 2000-32000 CU high porosity plug wrap paper, crepe corrugated plug wrap paper, functional plug wrap paper, etc. Plug wrap paper has a fine texture and high surface strength.

plug wrap paper
cigarette rolling paper

Cigarette Rolling Paper For Tobacco

The cigarette paper is used for wrapping tobacco to allow a proper burning relative to tobacco. The company produces series of cigarette papers including wood cigarette paper, cigarette paper containing flax, flax cigarette paper, functional cigarette paper for better smoking flavor and reduction of carbon monoxide, special marking cigarette paper, colorized cigarette paper, LIP cigarette paper, RYO cigarette paper and MYO cigarette paper, all of which are produced with porosity range of 20-120CU and with basis weights range of 24-37 gsm. All products are manufactured using high quality raw materials and additives that conform to international standard, thus ensuring the characteristics of stable basis weight and porosity.