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KAN is a professional paper-manufacturing entity with the leading products of wallpaper base paper and other related fabric thin paper products. Our registered capital is more than US$28.45 million dollars. We have existing employees of 850 and covers an area of 200,000 square meters.

At the end of 2009, our total assets were more than US$103.85 million dollars with net assets over US$47.68 million dollars. In 2009, our yearly sales amount was up to US$52.71 million dollars with the profits of US$4.80 million dollars. We passed FSC certificated in 2014.

President Xi


1994, Zhejiang KAN paper Co.,Ltd was founded

1958, Suichang paper factory was founded

1996, Shutting down straw pulp making section to eliminate pollution, substitute with commodity pulp


1998, Zhejiang KAN paper Co.,Ltd was founded

1999, renamed as Zhejiang KAN Specialities Paper Co.,Ltd

2000, Kaien high tech industrial park groundbreaking

2002, renamed as Zhejiang KAN Specialities Material Co.,Ltd

2004, IPO was successful listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange

2004, moved into new plant area


In 2008-2014, KAN invested more than one billion CNY, to introduce foreign advanced paper making equipment, while upgrading the original production line, the scale of production was expanded and quality of the products got further improvement.

2011, successfully issued additional stocks, a total of 478 million RMB fund-raising

2014, Passed FSC forest certification


Transformation of ultra-low emission of boiler down.